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Deploy Dropshipping Full Demo Setup

  Setup Policy:

1. You need purchase our theme first, then give us the Item purchase code of this purchase.

2. Tell us which theme style that you want setup full store. With 1 regular license, we only help setup full store 1 time only.

3. These products will imported from AliExpress site. 

4. You can select the Product type that you want. We will import these types. We only create some collections as sample.

5. During the bulk import, products will +20% price.

6. We will build the Dev site include all sample data (full store). Then we will transfer this Dev store into you. You will have new Shopify store with all products imported from AliExpress. If you have 1 existed Shopify site, you will have 2 now and must pay monthly fee for 2 site.

7. IMPORTANT: when we transfer the completed full site to you, you must active it. That means you must select the Shopify pricing to active and use this store. This Payment that you PAY to Shopify, not for us!

8. With the Using rule: 1 regular license used for 1 domain. So, if you use this license for new Shopify site, you will can not use it for other your existed site.

9. The task suitable for new Customer that don't have any existed Shopify site and want have the Dropshipping site with 500 products data.

10. The setup time from 1-2 working days to complete.

  Setup Information:

- The Shopify URL name that you want set for new Shopify site.

- Select theme style that you setup.

- Products Type.

- Email want to set owner of new Shopify site.

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