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Config Countdown Timer for Everything Sport2 (63th), Sport 3 (64th)

How to active the Countdown Timer


- Step 1: Install the Shopify App MetaFields Editor into your Shopify store.

- Step 2: After the App installation completed, it will direct you to the Main settings page and listing all your products above.

- Step 3: Select product that you want make the Countdown Timer and click to "Add New Metafield" link

- Step 4: set the Namespace is "csdeal" and the Key is "timer" and click to Add button

Input the value such as "2018, 03, 12" for the Deal end at April 12, 2018. Caused the month must input -1. So, 3 mean April not March.

- Step 5 (optional): Select other product and make the Countdown Timer the same about guide (Step 3 + Step 4)

- Step 6: Call products that set Countdown Timer in Customize Editor: Go to Shopify Admin Dashboard > Online Store > Themes > Customize > Bottom Blocks (for Home 62th - Sport2) > select the collection that contains products have above config.

The theme will auto get 2 first deal products (have special price) of selected collection. So, make sure that 2 first deal products have config of Countdown Timer.

Mission completed!

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